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create the community first, then build the platforms

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  • create the community first, then build the platforms

    maybe if there were enough people who built all at once, the Governments would be less likely to try to push them out. There is power in numbers. Bring 10,15,20 people together (build the community) who want to build in the same place. then begin to build. Governments may not want to try to push a larger group around as quickly as they do 2 people. If the platforms were build within visual distance of each other, there would be a certain amount of security from harassment from local authorities.

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    You make one, and now I make 2. Anyone else?


    • skipperzzyzx
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      Yes, sure. I'll try. My idea, is more business oriented, such as commercial aquaculture (kelp)
      If you want to declare yourself anything, I do not have any problem with that.
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    as long as it’s intended to be highly mobile and experimental, expected to fail many times, and totally unrelated to cryptocurrency, you can count me in!