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  • Government interference | project shutdown | lessions to learn |

    Agressive Move of the The Third Naval Area Command against Chad Elwartowski....

    The Third Naval Area Command has filed a police complaint against an American man and his Thai wife who set up a floating living platform 12 nautical miles off the coast of Phuket, a practice also known as seasteading.

    Staff judge advocates from the command were sent to lodge the complaint at Wichit police station in Phuket on Saturday, according to a source at the command. They accused Chad Andrew Elwartowski and his Thai wife, Supranee Thepdet, with an English alias of Nadia Summergirl, of breaching Section 119 of Criminal Code.

    The section concerns any acts that cause the country or parts of it to fall under the sovereignty of a foreign state or deterioration of the state's independence.

    It is punishable by death or life imprisonment.
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    Chad Elwartowski Comment:
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      Elwar, Nadia, I am with you!


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        I suggest a massive coordinated internet support and sign up channel a global protest .... nautilusmaker®
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        • skipperzzyzx
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          Thank you for your opinion.

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        any suggestions on platform and media handling for a massive protest ?

        Time to move the media strings i suppose....
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          Yes, thank you. Skipperzzyzx is aka spark.
          Right now, I am not living on a small sailboat. I bought a house on land, close to the ocean, and a lake, and I am living in that house.
          I have been doing that for the last two years. I would just like to point out kindly, that all those things you think about me might not be correct.

          I like your persistence, and I like all that effort you put into the idea of seasteading.

          Peace and Love and Bobby Sherman;

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          Thank you. I signed it because when I think about the future, I do not want to feel sad.

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        CT Indradat Could you please Take that stupid big finger ???? in the middle of our ocean back with you to your country or wherever the fuck you come from !!! . Thanks a lot asshole! And never return to Thailand anymore...

        I find this comment from a Thai on Chad´s Facebook page most interesting - it explains the Thai feelings about the project. Which in turn explains the Thai Navy reacction very well.

        I suggest a paradigm change for seasteading - less politics is more... focus on practical... less defiance - more local cooperation. | read more |
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          Ask yourself the smart questions:

          Why is Chad molested in this agressive way - and the fishing boats, ships, and yachts in the same area, althogh containing a lot more living space than his spar, and occupying a much bigger portion of "their ocean" are NOT molested at all - and never will be.

          Note: a ship is considered territory of its flag country on foreign shore - so steering a ship into a thai harbor would be punishable by death according to section 119 criminal code - surpisingly they do not insist in "practical execution of this" in the case of ships - ask yourself the smart question - why is that so? And why do ship captains not shiver in fear of death when headed for thai waters...

          Was it really necessary to make a "political statement" and a "defiance thing" out of modest 52 square meter family living space.

          Might there be a downside to media hyping the goals of seasteading in this way ?

          Why are the so agressive and molested about the bitcoin component of this ?

          Might there be forces at work Chad did not consider sufficiently when deciding that this was a good idea ? And if you decide your answer is yes - what could those forces be ?
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            • How did TSI manage it to bring a modest 52 square meter floating home into the "Crosshair of the big Cannon" of the Thai Navy in first place.

            • Assuming that Bankok Post is a state controlled media mouthpiece - what do they tell us about their motives? The article should be worth some analysis.

            • Was there stuff going on behind curtains BEFORE this shitstorm headed towards the project - is TSI telling the full story ? Where there "first indicators" and was the Thai public relation part done properly.

            • Who are the actors in this telenovela (Third Naval Area Command | Staff judge advocates from the command ) who is behind them ? | interests | motives | people | analysis | action plan | history | usual activity when not molesting seasteaders | business culture |
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              • Was this project pulled off without having any insider info from the offices and state institutions that matter and would be called to react and take action.
              • What was the plan B for the case of "project going south"
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                • What was the universe of ideas and plans that got the supporters of this project thinking that placing a spar 12 nautical miles off the coast of Phuket, would be something useful in the context of the ocean colonization movement - which of those ideas and paradigms need a strong refresh ?

                • Is the universe of idas that gave birth to the project validated or disvalidated by the outcome of the experiment ?

                • Is it time for a reality check on some of the beloved TSI paradigms (like the 12 nm paradigm) which was questioned by our group some 7 years ago...

                • the territorial claim paradigm

                • the oceanic statecraft paradigm

                • the nation border paradigm

                • Was this death sententence for Chad (who is a nice guy and a Friend of mine, i know him from earlier projects... ) at the end intended and accepted as collateral damage in the quest for TSI media ratings ?
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                  In our group we always opt for excellent partnership relations with the partner nation state as first choice. We go along the business model of VENICE in the cholon project and we chose a partner state that has a long HISTORY of friendly come along with independence movements as default COLOMBIA (the history of the making of south america - Simon Bolivar and his state ideas- of independence of culture groups inside the state - the integration of indian tribes, spanish culture and african culture, etc...

                  I discussed this with Randy Henken a long time ago - before he went to HONDURAS to confront and then to Tahiti to be confronted again to end up in Thailand with a confrontation -

                  • do we learn something from that line of events

                  • can ocean colonization take a much smoother and cooperative course of action

                  Construction Activities During the 21st Century will be Dominated by Concrete Sea Structures | P.K.Mehta |

                  • Is ocean colonization around the corner, already happening, New-VENICE™ and New-Atlantis™ on the rise - people do just not understand that and are always looking in the wrong directions
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                    Postulate: What those Governments attack is not floating structures and family living space, they counter attack the agressive political middelfinger discourse of TSI ...


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                      Following the theory that the unproportional violent reaction of the Thai Navy might be triggered by something we are not told or we are not aware of...

                      • The spar looks very much like Flip-Ship
                      • Flip ship is a acoustic laboratory financed by the US Navy laying cientific ground work for detecting submarines
                      • If there is a military base in Phuket where some secret submarine activity is going on the submarines going in and out of this base would have to pass the spar which would be an ideal acoustic observation platform...

             that case the agressive move of the Thai Navy becomes understandable. It is not about the claimed "shipping channel" it is about a corridor for secret submarine activity.
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                        ... another indicator that it is more about "security threat" speak submarine acoustics spinoage than seasteading....

                        Police open door to no death penalty charge over Phuket seastead case

                        PHUKET: The police investigator tasked with the Royal Thai Navy complaint against American Chad Elwartowski and his Thai partner Supranee Thepdet over the ‘seastead’ built south of Phuket told The Phuket News today (Apr 19) that he will not move to charge the couple under Section 119 – which may incur the death penalty – if he finds no evidence that the structure threatens national security.
                        By The Phuket News