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XLII is up in international waters!

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  • XLII is up in international waters!

    The world's first seastead, XLII, has been raised in international waters on February 2nd, 2019. The single family home already has 2 residents, Chad and Nadia, who have already moved in and are documenting their experience on the new seastead.

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    Oh oh He he Ha ha! fantastic! Do we get to see this in action with posted videos? If so where and when please.


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      Congratulations! It is fantastic! Great job!


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        A walkthrough vid with some systems details would be really great.


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          Way to go, will watch and who knows...

          At what radius you consider your territorial boundary. Or how close can a neighbor float his seastead?
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            That is for you and them to work out be as close or as far apart as you like

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          Congratulations to all the team for this launch.
          To be a pioneer will not be easy everyday but keep faith in your project of life !


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            I simply want to congratulate you for this great step to improve human liberty. I observed many attempts from 2008 onwards, but even the Seasteading Institute, with their millions of dollars, never managed to create anything so... REAL. Small-scale but TRULY EXISTING. Inspiring, thank you.


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              Awesome! Congratulations!


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                Congrats to the team!

                A couple (ok a whole bunch of) questions, if you don't mind:

                How did the team select the site? Does the water near the surface have enough nutrients to grow kelp? Are you planning on pumping nutrient-rich water from deeper in the sea up to your kelp farm?

                Any plans for a tiny OTEC plant? I would imagine that an OTEC plan needs to be very large to make sense economically, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

                Is the seastead anchored in place or is it just floating freely?

                Do you guys have a floating "lattice work" (like a large net attached to multiple spaced buoys) for growing kelp? If you do, how do the buoys maintain their position in the water?

                Do you have any business plans for recouping the costs of the seastead development? Tourism, fish farming, etc?

                How do you get an internet connection on the seastead?

                In any case, good luck and have fun!