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Desalination using solar energy – new low-cost technology

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  • Desalination using solar energy – new low-cost technology

    Seems to fit our project.

    The inventors can cooperate with us on a small scale of 20 people to show companies use cases.

    New desalination technology could solve the drinking water shortage that the FAO predicts will soon affect 1.8 billion people across the world.

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    Nothing new in solar distillation, just not been pushed as a viable alternative to established desalination tech.
    Interesting to see where this goes...


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      To make fresh water 3 things are needed; Moister in the air, a closed system, and 20° Celsius (i think 18,7 or so) temperature difference and you end-up with pure distilled water, aka rain water.
      Nature in miniature form. Stainless steel or glas distillation unit wont cost the earth.
      Even works in dry deserts


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        Seems more like an engineering or infrastructure topic.


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          Nice. I like it. Thank you for the post.


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            You can distill sea water cheaply using gravity to create vacuum in towers over twelve meters tall with pools at ten meters surrounding them. You fill the towers up with a valve at the top close it. Then open a valve at bottom gravity pulls the water down making a vacuum at the top. next you spray 90 degree F water into the top this will instantly vaporize and expand so you have pipes to another tower this lets the pure water vapor travel over and condense in the colder tower that is chilled by evaporating the pure water that fills the second tower's pool by spraying it on the outside of the second tower. Putting a turbine between the towers can generate electricity to run the pumps etcetera.


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              I miss the UN publication on solar desalination plants, which goes back to the 1960s or early 1970s. Well worth the read. One thing you find out quickly is that solar desalination saves fuel costs, but requires a good design and careful maintenance.