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    Did you have to register your spar and get it flagged? What, if any insurance are you required to carry for the spar?

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    Register where? United Nations?
    If the goal is to be an independent country he (if single spar) or multiple spars teaming up have to establish rules and border limits also budgeting for defenses or common ground if any.


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      I think the goal was to test the idea of whether or not a spar would work as a seastead.
      Setting up a new country on a single spar is a bit over ambitious at this stage...
      Just saying


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        Manfred 12 NM is all well and good, but a country can send it's people all the way out to the edge of their EEZ (usually 200 NM) with no issues and get all governmenty on one's rear.


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          @SphyrnaTek Yes and No, paperwork can be forwarded with a single spar in place and claim sovereignty of that location.

          Will be interesting how it develops. I am certain seasteads will be established in other locations as well. Not all countries have 12NM as there territorial borders some still use old 3NM others US i think have extend it to 24NM. All a matter of money and what someone can afford to defend.


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            We will play it by ear on the first one. Thailand is legally...interesting. All we want from them is for them to follow international law.

            For the first 20 production vessels we may consider it since they will have motors and can move. But that will be up to each owner.

            We plan on cooperating with the government as much as is neccessary and we will try to contact someone as high up in the central government as possible just so we can have their assurance that they will follow the law.

            Personally there's nothing I plan on doing on the seastead that isn't legal already in Thailand.


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              Looked into this long ago. My conclusion, which is not universally accepted, is that it makes no sense to run away from the State...and then start your own. If I've taken the trouble to move out of territorial waters, my country will consist of my family and any friends who want to tag along. I won't look for a seat in the UN.