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  • Rotation Movement | Spar Platform | the need for Experimentation |

    Chad´s Spar is only a few weeks in the water and it has already turned up an important data point.

    The most unpleaseant movement is axial rotation -

    In the old forums there was at least a decade of ad nauseam discussion about spar design and NOBODY ever thought of this movement being a factor to keep an eye on.

    This shows the urgent need for practical experience and experimentation when it comes to ocean colonization ....

    Well done Chad and Nadia - this is a data point that moved seasteading definitly forward !

    Kindest Regards | Wilfried Ellmer | nautilusmaker® |

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    I totally agree with you and thanks for sharing the information with us..


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      Thank you for sharing useful information.
      I agree with your thoughts.


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        Originally posted by nautilus maker® View Post
        The most unpleasant movement is axial rotation
        Sorry... It is not exactly clear: what do you mean saying "unpleasant"...
        Feelings?... Or just stabilization issues?...