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    Two considerations
    1. Is the spar and living module considered to be a navigational hazard, and therefore required to be on navigational charts
    2. will the spar drift ? and what means are needed to keep it in international waters

    Will these considerations require permanent location control and data ?

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    If i park the car on the country road will it be added to the new version of navigational app?
    If i decide to chill a few weeks on a 50 foot sailboat in the middle of the ocean and not move no chart will show it, it is not a permanent fixture.
    Radars should have no problem with a massive steel tube sticking from the water.
    A real hazard is the lost freight (containers.....) by cargo vessels in heavy sea which managing to stay afloat sometimes a long time semi-submerged.


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      We have an AIS bouy transmitting our location. It does not put it on international charts but it is detected when in range.


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        Any chance you can give us an approx Lat/Long?