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Battery Bank Type and Size

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  • Battery Bank Type and Size

    So Batteries, 1000 year old technology and still essential.
    The right size will be found with practical experience living on the seastead for some extended time.
    A 80AH car battery is more or less the lower range emergency use the max size is determent by the controller/array and somewhere in the range of 800AH.
    The type is a much harder choice. Size, if not enough another one is added, simple.
    Wrong type, if replacement is called for the entire bank needs replace and possible controller as well because Gel, AGM, conventional lead-acid, Li-ion, LiFePO4, NiCd, NiZn, NiMH, Home made Salt water battery......... are not interchangeable.
    Huge differences in price, weight, energy density.....
    Also the border line between Batteries and Capacitors has become very blurry in recent times. Commercially available supercapaciors are still outrages expensive, home made carbon based capacitors on the other had are cheap as. Not real a choice right now as untested and a lot of work to make. Charge time is very fast and retain energy for days.
    Storage is another issue as some need venting others dont. Lead-acid possible by far the cheapest choice but to many negative for the seastead, maybe.
    I am not really up to date on the battery issue as i consider it a road to nowhere.