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    Follow on from some other post regarding desalination. Edit:
    Desalination requires a lot of power, lot of maintenance (filter change) and is expensive. Good for impressing neighboring cruising yachts.

    My opinion, for a seastead distillation is better way as desalination to generate (healthy) fresh water.
    One, two (or more) sides of the platform facing the sun to be food grade stainless steel, condensate, store the water. On the interior is nice regulated temperature from the cool water pumped up.
    Lots of factors influence how much water can be changed back form gas to liquid state (when it rains). Surface area, temperature difference (min~20°Cel), materials used, % of humidity in air........

    simplified basic drawing

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    Yes. Evaporated salt water would be good. I might put a small one on the roof as a precaution.

    I am hoping the desalinator works well.


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      Personally de-salinated water is not for me. A simple filter keeps the salt out not much else. Desalinated water does foul, goes bad.
      Boiled water is only 98% clean.

      Today in Phuket its 26°, Humidity is 82%, and the Dew Point is a 22°, condensation starts below it. Water vapor will change back to liquid form.


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        There are some ideas of vacuum distillation for desalination of sea water.

        It is explained some by Robert Murray-Smith:


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          Reverse osmosis desalination works well. And there are commercially available equipments, ready to use.


          • Marc de Piolenc
            Marc de Piolenc commented
            Editing a comment
            RO for seawater desal requires a lot of shaft power, and a great deal of pretreatment to protect the membrane. A multiple-effect, or multistage flash plant using low-grade heat would be better, and could be powered by solar energy.

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          I used to watch Robert Murray-Smith videos regularly, he has some good stuff.
          As soon as water is in gas state it is clean, pure as can be.

          As simple high pressure desalination unit forcing ocean water through some membrane filter separating the salt wouldn't do it for me. Ok for shower or so but not in kitchen.
          Imagine a whale passing, unloading his monster load, filter it and voilà the thing stands on the table. No thanks. Dead carcasses, chemical pollution all is in ocean. The other thing with filters if for longer periods not used algae starts to grow. 200NM out is not a place for breakdowns, maintenance or hunting for spares.

          Moonshiners know, take rotting fermenting fruit stew, convert it to gas, back to liquid = Happy Days


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            Only 6° difference between the dew point and air temperature?! At some point soon you'll be able to buy a plastic film that passively cools whatever it's mounted to. They use glass microbeads to preferentially emit in the IR spectrum, are better at radiating heat out into space, and can get 10° cooler than normal reflective materials. This would be enough to condense some water out of the air. It can also help cool PV panels (extending their service life).